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Check back for radio broadcasts of Friday night games this fall!

RACHEL ERIC Gwinnett Prep Rally debuted on Wometco Cable Channel 2 as Gwinnett first and only high school sports show on August 16, 1993. Hosted by Eric Hunter and Rachel Livingston, the show was a one-of-a-kind effort to provide the best local coverage of Gwinnett County Sports. During the inaugural year, Eric and Rachel highlighted all the county's big matchups...
STAN ERIC Gwinnett Prep Rally eventually grew into Cobb Prep Rally and Atlanta Prep Rally in later years. The Gwinnett Extra's Stan Awtrey became a Gwinnett Prep Rally co-host in 1995 and an Atlanta Prep Rally co-host in 1996.

In October 1996, Gwinnett Prep Rally celebrated its 100th original episode in black-tie style. Eric and Gwinnett Extra Sports Editor Scott Bernarde hosted that show from the Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe.

At the beginning of the 2008 season, Gwinnett Prep Rally had aired nearly 600 original episodes and more than 2,000 total episodes.

todd 97 In August 1997, Gwinnett Daily Post Sports Editor Todd Cline took over as Gwinnett Prep Rally co-host. If there is a more informed source of Gwinnett HS sports than Todd, we haven't met him. 
98 studio Gwinnett Prep Rally moved to a permanent studio in August 1998. Founder & Owner Jeff Batten hosted along with Todd Cline for three seasons.
rob 01 Backed by a brand-new set, Rob Petrone took over for Jeff Batten in August 2001. Rob was an excellent host from 2001-2004.
mitch Mitch Clayton, a former reporter/producer on GPR for three seasons, returned to the show in August 2004 and hosted the 12th and most of the 13th season. Mitch is one of the all-time GPR greats!
set 08 Whoa!...Todd Cline is now the host and Will Hammock, sports editor of the Gwinnett Daily Post, is the very knowledgeable sidekick! Gwinnett Prep Rally just completed its 15th season in May 2008! Love the new desk!